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A pray from our Sunday Worship

Loving, faithful merciful God these are the journeys that we enjoy making.
Going on holiday, trips out for the day, a journey to meet someone we love.
Thank you Lord, for these journeys.
Renewing, inspiring God, there are the journeys that we don’t like making; going to the dentist, sitting in a traffic
jam, for some people going to the shops, going to visit when it is a hard duty.
Help us lord on these journeys, help us to know that you are with us, wherever we go.
We pray for those in the congregation who are travelling in the near future, anyone who travels as part of mission and service.
We pray for safety for commuters, children on their way to school, public transport drivers, truck drivers and all who will holiday.
We travel this journey of life together, knowing that you are with us every step of the way.
We give you praise and thanks.
When difficulties face us, Help us Lord, to keep following
When temptations distract us,
When failures discourage us,
When tragedy makes us doubt
When opposition makes us fearful
When tiredness makes us feel like giving up
Help us lord to keep following
When you call us to something new
Help us Lord to keep following.
You my Lord, are the laughter, you the joy, you the dance;
You are beauty in the wilderness, the resting place of the traveller, the hope of the dark night;
Your promises will stand as long as sand is in the desert, as long as stars are in the sky;
You are the held hand, you are the calmed mind, you are the soothed wound;
You alone are wisdom, you are justice, you are hope;
You are certainty for all who put their trust in you;
To you unparalleled, be glory and praise;
Keep calling us on to a new day, a new place, a new life with you, born of the spirit, born from above, born anew and again and again, each new day.
Lead me on, Lord to the place where you would have me go.
When I am uncertain of your plan, lead me on faithfully.
When I am fearful of the consequences, lead me on with integrity.
When I am frustrated by circumstances lead me on patiently
And may I never lose sight of you on the journey
Until I meet you face to face,     Amen